Around Town

This pre-designed page is an example of how to represent the surrounding area and town highlights.  Add additional information about local events, weather, or popular sports.


What makes your community special? Local Beaches or Parks & Recreation. Enhance this area with statistics, water tide charts, or links to municipal websites that are helpful to visitors and residents


List the shopping districts, malls, or plazas close to your community. This is a very helpful section of the Around Town page for community guests, visitors, and new residents. Highlight new businesses or services.

Local Eateries

Support local restaurants and eateries by listing them here. Enhance the information by providing the general distance to the restaurant from your community, link to the restaurant, or categorize by type of restaurant.

Schools, Medical Buildings, Other

Yet another category example of helpful around-town information. Whatever you and your community deem important can be displayed in a beautiful and helpful way to residents, guests, and renters.

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